At St Clement’s school we are……

                     Inspiring ambition and nurturing happiness.

St Clements School dates back to the beginning of the century when it was first the Academy and later formed part of the Primary School. Over the years many modifications have taken place. Currently as well as the original building we have a hut and a much newer main building which complete our school.
We are a non-denominational 3 to 18 school which caters for children and young people who have Additional Support Needs. Our school roll is currently 42. We have 8 classes which include our nursery, primary and secondary.

For general enquiries contact us on 01349 863284 or
email us at stclements.primary@highland.gov.uk

We have an active and supportive parent council. The current chair is Avril Macdonald who can be contacted on avrilgary@btinternet.com.

Our school website can be found on https://stclementsblog.wordpress.com/

School Handbook  Handbook 201920

Head Teacher – Miss Toni Macartney

Principal Teacher (Pupil Support & Nursery) – Mrs Ruth Malone

Clerical – Mrs Muriel Urquhart

Class 1 Nursery – Mrs Ruth Malone

Class 2 Primary – Mr Matthew Brown

Class 3 Primary- Mr Alex Liddle

Class 4 –Primary – Mrs Maria Kelly

Class 5 – Secondary – Mrs Jill Dodgson

Class 6 Secondary – Vacancy (covered by Mr S Gaffney)

Class 7 – Secondary- Mrs Margaret Berry

Class 8 – Secondary – Mrs Katherine MacPherson

Intensive Support / Music- Dr Steve O’Leary

Social Subjects / Primary PE – Vacancy (covered by Mr W Snow)

Twitter:  @school_clement

St Clement’s Practical Autism https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZY1MzYSDLH5ht0QNkcAh9g